Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brussels by night

I don't see you very often and it's been a while since you came over here, but we do keep in touch. Once in a while, we make long phone calls or I stop by when I'm in the neighborhood. Whenever I plan to come over, you make sure that I can also meet your grandchildren and they have become pretty young ladies. One of them is even expecting her second baby!

All your life and time, you have dedicated to your children and more in particular your two granddaughters. You go to the gym, you take classes in languages and computer class. You look after your granddaughter's first child and so will you when the second baby will be there in July. You are a very modern nana! It's great to see you play with the toddler. You are also fond of our two daughters and they like to visit you.
We often discuss our diabetes and you even share your glucose strips whenever I run out.

I remember the time I was living all by myself and working 3 jobs. One job was a teaching job and I was not going to get paid until several months later. You helped me out, paying the rent of my teeny tiny apartment, until I was back on track and finally got the paycheck I had worked for. You never abandoned me.

I guess we have similar characters. We like to laugh and enjoy life. Life is too short to sob about things that aren't worth it.. I think you will agree whenever you read this.

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