Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Husband Chair

Have you noticed, whenever you go shopping, that some men remain in their car, while their wife runs the errands? I always wonder why they don't join their wives? Why do these women bring their husband along, if he's going to stay in their car? Is it because they don't have a driver's licence ? Don't these men get bored or do they prefer staying in the car over strolling through the supermarket? 

Some stores have found a good solution for these men. I have seen it in clothes shops. I call it The Husband Chair. Husbands are supposed to wait in these chairs, while their women change clothes in the dress rooms. They are supposed to nod their heads when the lady shows off her colorful new dress. They are supposed to shriek their ooh's and aah's, even after the fifth dress up party. If they are lucky, some salesperson will bring them coffee and a cookie. But that will only be in the more expensive stores I guess. He can also keep all the shopping bags, the misses' purse, her cell phone that keeps ringing over and over, because her friends can't miss her and want to hear all about her day out. Sometimes I feel sorry for these men.. I really do. But why don't they just tell their wives they want to go home and watch the ball game or that they would rather sit on a bar stool having a beer with the mates instead of spending an afternoon in The Husband Chair? I haven't figured that out yes, I suppose..

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