Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You're history

My mom thought I had the best boyfriend ever. She adored him. He was prince charming. Well, at least to her..

One time, the two of us were hanging out with some friends in a bar. They were talking about women in not a very nice way. So I decided to sit somewhere else and mingle with the other folks present.

I overheard him speaking with his friends. They told him that I was not humble enough. That he should boss me around. That he shouldn't take crap from me. As if! They ridiculed our relationship. That aggravated him. So he told his friends to watch him..

He yelled at me, to go get him some cigarettes. I didn't respond, because I didn't like the tone in his voice. His friends laughed some more. He got all hyped up and his chair was thrown on the floor. He came towards me and grabbed me by the neck. He shouted that I'd better notice him and listen to him, since he was my boyfriend and he deserved my respect! I was petrified. Really. He scared me to death. He slapped me in the face. I fell on the floor. His friends stopped laughing. But nobody stood up for me. I was 17 and I felt very ashamed..

I managed to leave the bar and I ran to the first phone booth I could find. In tears, I called my mom and asked her to pick me up, because my boyfriend had hit me. The answer she gave me, I will never forget: what did you do to upset him? He's the best man you'll ever get! You must have triggered him!

I couldn't believe what I had heard.. I hung up the phone and hitchhiked home. 

My boyfriend came over the next day to apologise. It was over for me. I never wanted to see him again. The next day, he was playing cards with my mother, when I came home from school. I ignored him. He kept coming back for 3 weeks, on a daily basis. I didn't give in. 

I hear he's been divorced twice. I feel sorry for the wives he married. I feel sorry for the children he raised. I feel sorry for my mother, for taking his side.. She was supposed to stand by me.

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