Sunday, September 13, 2009

Don't talk to strangers

We were taught not to talk to strangers. People we meet on the Internet are virtually strangers to us, right? But what a surprise! I have met around 45 people on our diabetesforum by now, all through the Internet and guess what: they are no strangers at all! It's like we have known each other for quite some time and it feels very good.

Today we had another meeting, in Sint-Niklaas. A well respected male member of our forum has organized the day and he has set several routes to go for a walk. He thought about young families who bring their children in a stroller, he thought of people in a wheel chair, he considered people who don't really care much about walking. And somewhere in the middle, we all joined again to have a drink. We had a great time, like we always do when we meet. It's good to know, that not all strangers are really strangers. In fact, people you hang out with on a daily basis can be more of a stranger than people you talk to on the Internet.

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