Monday, September 21, 2009

Every time you go away

Monday morning, 7:15 AM. It's time to take you to boarding school. You look absolutely pretty in your uniform. We have 40 minutes to chit chat in the car, before I open the trunk of the car to take out your suitcase. You want me to park the car just around the corner instead of right in front of the school. You're growing up and it's not cool to have your mum kiss you in front of all your friends. So I swallow my pride and I hug and kiss you just around the corner. I watch you as you wander off, pulling your suitcase on wheels and carrying a heavy backpack full of school books. I wonder what's going through your mind...
Mostly I sit in the car for a while, with Rebba. We drive off and I take Rebba for a walk in Bruges. It's a nice town and I enjoy the activity and the tourists, packed with cameras, following their guides. I do some shopping before Rebba and I head home. It's quiet in the house. I turn on the radio and listen to the songs we both like. You're on my mind a lot. But I know you're happy. I know it's all very exciting to you and you enjoy being in boarding school. I miss you. I'm sure you miss us too.

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