Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Too late for goodbyes..

Only a five minute drive from our house, there was a very good restaurant, where we loved to go with our friends and family. The owner of the restaurant was a jolly good fellow and we really liked him. He was a good host and he liked to chit chat with his customers. He recently sold his restaurant to explore other horizons. Our astonishment was big, when we heard about his death today.. This is what the newspaper said:

Monday morning, a body was found in a small park in Ghent. It had multiple stab wounds, which caused the death of this 35 yo young man from Lembeke. The police are investigating and looking into the case. They have no idea so far who murdered this young man and what the motive was. He must have been murdered Sunday night.. A possibility is a fight, leading to the stabbing of this man. The investigators are trying to find out what he was doing in this neighborhood at that time of the night.

What a waste of life, what a waste of talent. Nobody deserves to die like this. Bernard Verstraete was a young father of two. He was someone's son. He had family and friends and was loved. I hope he didn't suffer too much and I hope he passed out without realizing he was not going to make it. RIP Bernard.. You were a great guy. My heart goes out to your two beautiful children, Jules and Marie-Alixe..

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