Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't be such a wussy!

She's such a wussy! No kidding! She hates to go outside when the grass is still wet in the early morning. She's not fond of cold or wind or rain. Hubby takes her on long walks, but she still doesn't like to go outside by herself. Whenever she needs to pee, she goes outside on the terrace. She's just too lazy to go all the way to the back of the garden. Unless you accompany her.
Her favorite spot is on the couch, under her blanky. Really.. You should see her roll her eyes if you tell her to go outside for a pee. It's like she would say: "you must be joking! have you seen that weather out there???" You love to cuddle up with us and most of the time, you hide your head behind our back on the couch. Or you put your paws over your eyes. You're a funny dog Rebba!

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