Friday, November 13, 2009

You're on candid camera!

What a laugh we had today! My friend and I were shopping for groceries, in the store where you can scan your purchases yourself. It took us a while to scan all the items, but finally we were ready to head towards the exit. And then it happened: my friend was talking to me and she no longer held on to her shopping cart. The inevitable happened: her cart ran into the pole of the scanner and the ceiling came down, electricity and all. The lights died and one of the check registers broke down as well. Dust was coming out of the wide open hole in the ceiling and we were like: what the f..??? The cashier yelled: I can't believe she just ran into that pole!!! Like my friend did it on purpose - which of course she didn't! Everybody was looking at us and we didn't really know how to react. So we started to giggle - we're girls, remember? Another cashier ran towards us, because the loud noise had scared her. She said it was not our fault at all and accidents do happen. Luckily nobody got injured. The first cashier said she would send my friend the bill. As if..

I suppose that's what it feels like if you're on candid camera!

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