Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A diamond in the rough

Each one of us is born as a pure, unpolished, perfect diamond. Growing up and experiencing pain in life, this pure brightness gets dusted with a lot of crap and rubbish.
Once we have grown up, we put a nice new and shiny layer on top of the rubbish. This is the layer we present to the outside world. But then again, we wonder why nobody is impressed. In the meantime, we start to believe that we are that fake shiny and shallow layer, on top of the rubbish. It's what we make of it and we try to live up to the standard we have created. If we are lucky, life gives us a wake-up call in time. Sometimes something needs to happen, for the bright diamond to sparkle through the other layers. We peel down all the shiny parts, through the darker parts, to discover the true diamond we are..

Brandon Bays is an interesting therapist. She was recommended to me by my good friend and therapist, Mrs C. She has met BB en she has attended some workshops. She also told me the story about the diamond. We talked about it on several occasions. She's helping me to find my shiny, sparkling diamond, underneath the layers of dust and the flashy coat layer. I believe getting diabetes has been my turning point in life. What was the use of wearing a mask? Why was I not prepared to let people see the real me? Was I afraid they wouldn't like me? Did someone teach me to wear a mask and pretend to be someone else? Who am I? What's underneath the dust? It's a painful longterm process, but I know I will peel through the layers, to find the person I really am. And I will embrace that person and the little innocent child I ever was. I will forgive the inner child for whatever has happened in my childhood. I will forgive the child, and the teenager and the young adult. I will forgive me. I will love me. I will cherish the person I have found and become. Are you prepared to peel your layers?

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