Friday, December 4, 2009

Duck Fiabetes

Hippo and Friends is an organization for children with diabetes. Barbara Flamand has started this project, after her own young daughter was diagnosed. She couldn't find the information she needed, to help her child the best she could. Maria had to give herself multiple injections on a daily basis, in order to keep her blood glucose in range. It's no fun for any child to get shots for every meal or snack they crave. They poke their little fingers 4-8-sometimes 10 times a day, to determine their glucose levels. Children are supposed to play and be innocent and have fun. They shouldn't have to sob about their fingers being poked. They shouldn't have to worry about kidney failure, blindness or amputations. They shouldn't have to cry over every insulin shot they have been given. That's what Barbara must have thought, when she designed HIPPO. Hippo is a hippopotamus and hypo is short for hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar. Hippo is designed for children with diabetes. Hippo has diabetes, just like them. He needs shots of insulin and finger pricks. Just like them.. They can practise on Hippo and give him finger pricks and insulin shots, before they learn how to treat themselves.. Every diabetic child under the age of 12 (in Belgium) has received HIPPO for free. Because Barbara cares.. Because that's what she does. Maybe you would like to adopt HIPPO and make a contribution in that way?

Barbara has accomplished a lot in the short time her project has existed. Her latest project is the Wishing Well. Kids with diabetes can mail their wish to Hippo and Barbara does the best she can to make their wishes come true. Read the wishes of these children on Hippo and Friends. Barbara is not that fortunate that she has spare money to spend. She has a full time job, but still, every day she tries to find sponsors who are willing to help out to make these wishes come true.

Barbara is also selling terrific T-shirts. They show a rubber ducky that says: Duck Fiabetes! and on the other side: what type are you? (referring to type 1 or type 2 diabetes) The profit of the shirts sale is going back to the project, to fund more wishes.

A parent of another diabetic child has nominated Barbara for the Gouden Pluim (Gold Feather). If Barbara wins the contest, she will win a price of 2000 euro for her organisation. Meaning she will have extra money to make even more wishes come true. Please help Barbara and vote for Hippo and Friends. Text TVOPLUIM(space)4 to 6007, or pick up your phone and call 0905 56 660 and vote 4 and let Barbara know you care.. I care. Do you?

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