Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Could it be? Yes it could... It's been snowing for a number of days now, and the chance we're going to have a white Christmas is getting bigger every day. I love to set my eyes on the snowy scenery, as long as I don't need to drive anywhere. The fresh and crisp snow in the morning, when you let the dog out, is something special. It was so quiet outside, so clean, so sterile. And then she races through the back yard, leaving little foot prints in the white carpet. I'm not a real winter person and I would not visit snow countries by preference. I love the snow behind glass.. No skiing for me, no snow ball fights. Not even snow dolls seem appealing to me. But I must admit, that a white Christmas is special..
We're going to spend the holidays with the inlaws. That's something to look forward to. Everybody is going to be there and all 9 grandchildren will enjoy their playtime together. Even Rebba is going to join us, on request. They all want her to celebrate Christmas with us.
If the roads are getting worse, I'm sure most of us will spend the night at grandma's. She's a pretty special person. Our daughters are really lucky to have such good grandparents. They are loved and cherished and nurtured and grandma is always there for them. She often calls them and they see each other almost on a weekly basis. I'm sure we'll have a merry merry Christmas..

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