Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Moved by a picture..

Our oldest daughter has been practising classical ballet since she was 2.5 years old. She has done several dance performances by now, in different dance schools. Last year's performance was breathtaking. For the first time, we were not allowed to see the rehearsals, so it all came as a surprise to us. It was absolutely magnificent and I was really moved by her performance. All young ladies were dressed in black and their hair was tied in French knots. A professional Dutch photographer took pictures and it was not till last month until they were online.
I decided to buy all of her pictures and have one enlarged as a Christmas present for Lana. She hasn't been to dance class for a couple of weeks now, since her knees are still hurting big time. When she opened her present, she was so moved by the picture, it made tears well up in her eyes... She had not seen any of the pictures yet, so it all came as a surprise.
My sweet little dancer.. you are so in love with classical ballet and you miss it terribly. I'm so sorry I can't relieve your pain. You were touched by the grace of your own performance. You looked like a Spanish or Portuguese dancer, all slim and elegant and gracious. Your teacher is so proud of you Lana, and she keeps telling us you have the best dancer's legs and a wonderful attitude. We knew you were good, but that last performance was really touching. We're so proud of you, sweet girl xx

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