Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You've got mail!

Don't you just love your mailman? I always look forward to the mail falling in our mailbox. Just like you, I don't like the bills that come in the mail. But I do love to get presents in my mailbox. I like to order thingamajigs online, which are home delivered.
Today I got a Christmas card from a very friendly lady from the US. She's a diabetic too and although we haven't been in touch much lately, she still sent me a holiday card. It made me smile. I need to start writing my Christmas cards... She will get one!
There was also a parcel to be delivered. Since nobody was home, the driver dropped it at the neighbors and now they aren't home. So I still don't know what's in the parcel. Pretty exciting!!!

Getting a card in the mail is not the same as getting e-cards. It takes an effort to send a personal, hand written card and it is still much appreciated. I'm a fan of hand written cards, although I don't get to send many that often any more. My handwriting is no longer what it used to be, since I have had surgery on the same wrist twice. But it is still pretty okay, so people tell me.

So if you get a hand written card by me, it means that either I have found the time to write it, or that you are a very special friend..

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