Friday, January 15, 2010

Hot dog

Word goes that whippets are very fast runners. You couldn't keep up with them racing. But before you get them going..
The laziest dog in the nation is laying beside me, smelling of warmth, under her favorite blanket. Her nose is sticking out and resting on my shoulder, while I'm typing this blog. She's just such a couch potato! She does move around. If you fill up her food bowl or open the fridge, she'll be faster than your shadow. She's more like a Garfield in that manner, although she's a lot skinnier.

She just loves to relax and dream her dreams and watch TV. She will make herself comfortable on the couch, although she has a bench and a dog bed. As soon as someone else sits down on the couch, she will snuggle up against that person, making motions like she would want to crawl inside of you! The smaller the place she can lay down on, the more she likes it. She's just so warm and soft. And she makes little noises in her sleep. That's just wicked! Her lips go up and down and this "rweet rweet" noise is hilarious. Not that she's aware of it.. she just continues her dreams.

Going for a walk with a whippet is great fun! It takes some effort to convince them. Most dogs are thrilled when they see their leash. They jump up and down and bark and wag their tails. Not this dog.. not Rebba. If you ask her to get ready to go for a walk, she will open one eye and give you a dirty look. She will close that eye again and hide her head under a pillow - you can't see me!! Playing peek-a-boo is part of the walking-ritual. You have to put her collar on while she's still laying down. Pick her up and put her on her four legs to help her realise it's for real!
And then she gets it!! But hey??? Isn't everyone coming along? Hello? I'm not going by myself, am I?? She keeps looking back at the people that stay behind, as she's trying to say: keep my bed warm for me!! I'll be back soon!

Don't think she doesn't enjoy the walks, because she really does. She races and fools around and has a great time. But she's as happy to come home again, so she can crash on the couch and continue where she left off..

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