Sunday, January 3, 2010

I dreamed a dream

Susan Boyle came out of nowhere. Nobody knew her. She's a real hit now. What a transformation. What a voice. What a dream come true.
You must have heard about her, without any doubt. It makes us hope, that dreams can become reality, if you believe in yourself. Look where Susan is now.. The world is at her feet. Susan Boyle, a name never heard of.. A housewife amongst all the other. But one with a very special talent: she has a golden voice. She's so pure, so real, so down to earth. The right people believed in her. They recognized the voice behind the appearance. And they gave her the chance to sparkle. If you see Susan perform, it's like she still believes it is a dream.. Maybe that's what it is: a dream. But at least a dream come true..

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