Sunday, April 25, 2010

This is how we do it

We had a great time in Holland! The sun was out, our friends accompanied us, the food was excellent and Mary Poppins was at her best! What a terrific musical! Such awesome talent.. I was truly amazed by the energy of the performers. I would like to compliment both children, who did a superb job at playing Jane & Michael Banks. As usual, we had great seats and lots of space for our tired legs. We have done quite some walking in Scheveningen. My foot is still sore, so I was not that alive and kicking, but I coped. My companions took care of me and they guided me throughout the journey.

I had quite some highs and lows in those days, but that's the dark side of diabetes. It won't keep me from having fun and doing what I like to do most: enjoy true friendship..

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