Friday, May 28, 2010

Independent and available

Single and alone.. Isn't that how they describe people that are not in a relationship? Society still expects us to have a steady partner. If you don't and you say you are happy anyway, they give you a very suspicious look. In the meaning of: "as if..". Maybe the singles out there shouldn't worry that much about what "the world" might think about them.

Why is it so important for others to convince singles they need to be in a relationship? Because after all, isn't that a personal choice?
I mean, why could you not be happy by yourself? That doesn't mean you have no friends or a different kind of relationship. It's just that you don't fit in with the married couples. Is being single that dreadful? Or is it glamourous, like some say? I guess the truth is somewhere in between. Some singles are single by choice. Others are longing for a long term partnership but haven't found the lid on their pot yet. Either way: being in a relationship, is no guarantee for luck or happiness. Being single neither. We are all responsible for our own happiness in life. Don't let happiness stand between you and an eventual partner..

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