Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A mommy meltdown

I saw a show on TV that really grabbed me by the throat.
The subject was: a mommy meltdown.. Loving mothers turn in to raging and furious abusers. Cuddles disappear, to be replaced by slaps and curses. The happy faces fade away and stern, scary faces are the new look.
It was devastating to watch. What drives these moms to let things get so out of hand, that they can no longer control themselves? What makes them hit their children? What went wrong in their lives that they feel the need to have this destroying power over their children? What is a child supposed to do, when it's being verbally and physically abused by its parents?

My heart goes out to all children that live in abusive homes. They deserve love. They are entitled to get affection. Saying words like: you were never meant to be born! or I hate you for looking after your father! are unforgivable.. It's so damaging. No matter what the child did or how it aggravated you, never ever is there a reason to let your frustrations take over and damage your child permanently.

It was scary to see, that many of the moms kept saying it was the fault of the child. They kept believing the child was the problem. Until they watched their own behavior on tape. That's the first time these moms realised that not the child was the monster, but it was them.. They are lucky children are so forgiving. They even apologized to their parents, for being such a disillusion to them. Even when the parent admitted it had nothing to do with the child, the child kept believing it was evil and not worth living..

Home is supposed to be a safe haven. A place where you are accepted and loved for who you are.

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