Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moving house

The new dog run is going to be delivered this week. It will give us some peace of mind, knowing that both whippets are safe and sound in the backyard. I no longer wish to come home to see one of the dogs is missing.

We went to Holland to pick out a kennel. Hubby is going to make a custom fit dog house for Rebba and Inthe as well. They do need a shelter for rainy days and a sunroof to prevent their delicate skin from getting sun burn. The backyard is big enough to put the dog run in. There will be less space to grow vegetables, but that also means there will be less weeds as well.

By no means are we going to prohibit the dogs from living in our house. Their new dog run is only for parentfree days. Meaning they will have to stay in the pen when we're out. It's no punishment whatsoever, in fact dogs like to be in an area with boundaries. They will feel safe. And we will regain our peace of mind..

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