Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Saying my prayers

If I were even a weeny bit religious, I would be burning a candle for myself, for the upcoming days. Since I'm not, I won't burn any.

I have written several letters to our Bishop. I no longer want to be a member of the catholic church. I never believed in any religion anyway. You can call me an atheist, if you wish. A staff member of diocese Bruges, sent me his answer in return. He wants to know my motivation for leaving the catholic church. If they really want to know my motivation, why do they give me no more than two pathetic lines to write my motivation on? It's not that there's just one reason to leave this group??? But they insisted, so I gave them my motives. No problem. I hope my lines will be enough to exclude me from their church.

It made me laugh, that they asked me if I knew the consequences of leaving their "group".

  1. 'Did I know that I can no longer get married in church??' Hello? I'm already married in church?? And that was not my choice either..
  2. 'By no means could I help out in church or have a catholic profession if I decide to withdraw?' As if..
  3. 'I can no longer be buried on church ground or have a catholic service after I die...' Exactly. Now I finally have the guarantee I will not be buried in church.. Just in case my will would not be respected.
  4. 'If I show any remorse on my death bed, church might reconsider my decision of leaving Christianity'.. Right.. Again: as if!
  5. 'I can no longer be a godmother if I decide to leave catholic church..' I don't need any church if I want to godmother any child. There's more to life than Christianity... Catholic godmothers are no guarantee to being a good godmother. And I speak out of experience now..
So I sent the Bishop another letter, with motivation and a copy of my ID. I hope they will get the message now..

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