Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bloody Mary

This morning, I had my first meal since Wednesday night and I must say: did that taste good!!! I had one cracker with cheese spread! There was one more cracker with butter and jelly on the plate and a small container of yogurt, but I skipped those. Didn't want any hassle or nasty stuff to happen..
Half an hour later, I had my first cup of coffee. Sweetened with my favorite hazelnut splenda (thank you my friend!). It was cold by the time I could drink it (have to wait half an hour after a meal to have a drink), but it tasted like champagne.

I'm happy things are going rather smoothly. The nurse emptied the drain that comes from my stomach, in a glass container. Great.. just what I wanted to see: a Bloody Mary.. I'm glad they will free me from the drain tonight, because it was not that comfortable. The assistant surgeon passed by and he was happy to see me that chipper. I could go home tomorrow, but I asked to stay a couple of days longer, to make sure my diabetes is up and going.

I had some yogurt, poached fish and mashed potatoes for lunch. I had no trouble eating it. Of course I didn't finish my plate, but I do believe the amount I ate was plenty.
In the afternoon I had some pudding and another cracker.
For dinner, another cracker with cheese spread, some canned tangerines and coffee. I feel like a stuffed turkey..

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