Monday, July 26, 2010

Me and my guitar

Photo by Lana Joos

Our oldest daughter has been playing the flute for quite some years now. She's pretty good at it and on a weekly basis, she and her friends meet up to play their instruments together. It's great to see her having a good time!

Is it because of Tom Dice or is it the age, but she's been talking about buying a guitar for a while. She was saving for this one particular guitar she saw in a store in Holland. She was real serious about it. I asked her if she wanted to take classes and she was considering it. On YouTube, there are clips you can watch. They show you how to play certain songs. She thought that was pretty easy.

I drove her to Holland on Thursday. She had her savings in her pocket and she was thrilled! She picked a real nice guitar! The seller tuned it for her and he gave her a bag for free, to keep her guitar from getting dusty. As soon as we left, she tried the guitar, in the car. It even sounded nice already! Maybe she's talented as a guitar player as well?

The guitar looks great on her.. I like to watch her sit on the floor, her hair hanging down, while she tries to get her fingers right on the strings. I'm looking forward to hearing her first song..


Upje said...

Gitaar is echt doenbaar om 'op je eentje' te leren, hoor. Zo heb ik het ook gedaan, en het resultaat mag er toch wel wezen ;-).

Ik hoop dat ze er evenveel van geniet als ik dat al die jaren heb gedaan ...

Bittersweet said...

Ze ziet het echt volledig zitten! Haar beste vriendin heeft er ook ene gekocht en nu zijn ze Simon & Garfunkel hè!