Friday, July 9, 2010

What a relief..

Yesterday morning at 8:15, they wheeled me into the surgery room. My table was set. Not for breakfast, but for my operation. I was no longer nervous and I was completely ready for it.

The operation lasted for 1.5 hours and I didn't wake up until 3 PM. I was told they were going to keep me in the recovery room overnight. Just to make sure my blood sugars behaved and there were no complications from the surgery.

I had no phone in the recovery room. Didn't feel like making phone calls either, although there were some people I wanted to hear. My night was.. well, how should I state it? Turbulent? My fingers were poked every hour. My blood sugars had never been this stable before!!! Numbers in the range of 130 - 165 mg/dl. That was amazing!

The surgeon came to see me and told me everything had gone according to plan. Good! What a relief! No complications so far. Let's keep it that way.

My sweet diabetes nurse stopped by twice. She's just the best. She's taking very good care of me..

This morning, an ambulance drove me back to the other building, where I have my room. I'll be staying in the hospital until July 15th. I'm glad the kids will be away on camp, so I won't need to worry about them.

Thank goodness for the Internet availability in the hospital. Where would I be without it?

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