Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zipp it!
Pumpwear is amazing! They keep coming up with new goodies for people with diabetes. That's really awesome! After all, we have diabetes 24/7 and it's great if you can get cool stuff to keep your diabetes supplies and pump handy.

This morning, I received one of their latest pump packs, called the ZIPPS. Now that is a neat and versatile pump pack! I put it on right away. It's so flat, you can barely notice it under your garments (not that it may not be seen - it looks great - but you don't always want a big lump showing under your shirt). You slide your pump in the ZIPPS, pull the line through the hole in the back and connect. The piece of line you don't need, can be tucked right back into the ZIPPS. So there's no danger your line will get hooked over door knobs or in your zipper. It is made out of soft material and it's attached to a band to be closed around the waistline.

Even if you are not a pumper, or even better: not a diabetic, ZIPPS come in handy at all times. You can use them for your iPod, cell phone, keys or even to keep your money safe. I think sportsmen, wearing the ZIPPS while working out (I think my husband will want one to keep his iPod for his running episodes - no, I'm not giving up on mine!). I think children with diabetes: it can hold their meter, strips and lancing device if they are not pumping!

You really have to check it out. ZIPPS come in different colors. Think pink, think polka dots or sparkle. But hey, they didn't forget about the boys, so there's also camo and even dual zipps with two divisions.
I'm not going to say any more. Just get one. Or two.

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