Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm very sorry for your loss

Ratatouille - his last moments
I'm starting to feel sorry for Ratatouille. We have been bonding I guess.. In the early morning hours, Ratatouille ran back to his shelter in the kitchen. He must have hurt himself somehow, because several blood stains were to be found along his escape route. Did he get caught in the trap after all? Did he chew on a leg that was captured in the spiral ring? I don't know... but he's hurting. There's a bad, rotting smell in the house and I can't trace it.

We were advised to put several things on the rat traps: chocolate, peanut butter, bacon drippings, wet cat food. We've tried it all by now. You could say he's a spoiled (b)rat!

The man from Animal Pest Control came this morning. I expected some long bearded, heavy, smelly man (I know I know, prejudices..) but hey: a very good looking, well trimmed stud rang the doorbell. I showed him Ratatouilles picture and he confirmed it was a brown rat. He taught us that we'd better line up both traps. If he misses the first trap, he'll jump onto the second one. Like us, he doesn't want Ratatouille to die behind our cabinets. It would cause a horrible smell and a terrible mess. So he needs to come down. He left us with some more poison. I'm sorry Ratatouille, but you don't belong with us. You are going to see your ancestors real soon. I hope..

UPDATE: May Ratatouille rest in peace. He died in a ferocious fight.. I will keep the details to myself, but I can tell you there was a lot of screaming (from my part and yes I sat on top of the couch) involved as well as the rolling pin, pliers and a broom. There's a dent in my toaster and blood splatters on the back splash of my Range Cooker, but he's gone.. R.I.P.

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