Saturday, August 14, 2010

The significant other

Rebba ° June 23, 2006
Photo by Lana Joos
Hi sweetie!

Almost one year ago, we went to get you in Holland. I fell in love with you instantly. For so many years, I had longed for a whippet of my own. And there you were, waiting for us. Ready to come home.. You were sitting in my lap in the car and you weighed a ton. You had no idea what to expect from your new family and we didn't know what life with you would be like. 

We got acquainted real fast and you behaved real well. We gave you a new name and you didn't mind at all. Your new name - Rebba - fitted you like a glove and you responded so well whenever we called you. Whistling is effective too. In a sec you stand by our side. 

In the beginning you were a little afraid to go for a walk. New surroundings, new people, new smells, new everything. But again: you are easy going.

Just three months later, we decided we wanted you to have a playmate. That's when we started to talk about getting a puppy. You were 3 when we got you. You were potty trained and friendly and accustomed to people. Was getting a puppy the right thing? 

You must have thought you were expecting puppies. You cried and made nests and you told us you wanted to have a family of your own. That's when we decided we really wanted that puppy. Inthe is a great companion for you. Every now and then, you frown your eyebrows when she's ditching the place, but you completely fell in love with her. You probably see her as your baby.. You teach her things, you scold her when she doesn't behave and you play along. The two of you race around in the backyard and you love to go out for a walk together. You have become so attached to Inthe, that you are in sheer panic when we try to take Inthe or you some place without the other. So we don't. 

I wouldn't know what to do if you weren't here anymore. You and Inthe have become members of the family. Even the in-laws love you and they always ask for you to come along on Sundays. That's why I hope we will be given many more years with you and your little playmate..

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