Sunday, August 15, 2010

Take your time

Yesterday, my friend from Limburg drove all the way up here, so we could go visit another friend together. As I have said before, just like us, he's been diagnosed with D. But he was also diagnosed with cancer, some 3 years ago. We had no idea what to expect, since we hadn't seen him for a while. But to our surprise, he looked great! He wasn't that swollen any more and his memory was better than the other times we visited him. As always, his wife welcomed us with coffee and cake (no sugar added). She's such a sweetheart.. We were happy to see their new puppy.. Well... puppy.. he was humongous!
It was great to see Mr en Mrs P. He kept saying we couldn't go home yet, although we knew our visit must have worn him out. After all, cancer is not a cough.. But we'll be back buddy, don't worry!

In the evening, my friend and I went out to dinner. It took us some time to find a restaurant (it was weekend after all and we had not made any reservations), but we made a great choice! De Steenen Haene is an exquisite restaurant. Great service, excellent menu, unique interior. My friend and I chatted all night over a wonderful dinner we truly enjoyed. I would love to take my family there one day. I'm sure they would enjoy the scenery and the food as much as we did. One starter I would like to copy at home: a portion of hand peeled shrimp, a brunoise of avocado and finely shredded lettuce. Great seasoning with a nice zing to it. Very tasty! The restaurant serves homemade farmer's pate and I'm sorry I didn't buy some to take him with me. I'm sure Hubby would have liked that, with some mustard on the side, pickled onions and gerkins. It was a busy day and we drove quite some miles, but it has been worth it..

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