Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wait and see

I made reservations for myself and the girls, to spend a wonderful time at ladies@themovies in Bruges. It is meant as a surprise for them, because they helped out so much since I left the hospital. They are good girls and they did the best they could to be helpful. So they deserve a treat.

We are going to watch "Letters to Juliet", a romantic love story - Romeo & Juliet style. I'm really looking forward to going out with the girls for a change. It's been ages since we last went to the cinema so I guess they will love it too. And because it's ladies@themovies, we'll be treated like VIPS with a reception and goodies. I got great seats! We'll probably have dinner in Bruges before the movie, so it'll be a whole day treat. Perhaps they would like to do some shopping in Bruges beforehand?

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