Monday, September 20, 2010

MacGourmet Deluxe

A friend sent me a great programme to write my recipes down on the computer. I have tried it out for several weeks and I liked it so much, that I decided to buy the programme. Meaning I will have to take the other cookbook I made so far, and copy all of the recipes in MacGourmet Deluxe. It'll take me quite some time and maybe I'll know my recipes by heart by the time I'm finished, but it's worth doing. The programme gives you the opportunity to easily share your recipes with your friends. Shopping lists can be made and weekly mealplanners are available (I still haven't figured out that one..). I'm a fan!

MacGourmet Deluxe helps you collect, edit, use and share your favorite recipes and notes on your very own computer. It includes built-in nutritional data from the USDA database, which makes it possible to easily calculate nutritional info for your entire recipes.

It holds a tool for taking notes on wine, so you can keep track of personal ratings, bottle labels and cellar info.

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