Friday, September 3, 2010

What's cooking?

Lately, I have made quite some different soups. I guess I'm going through a soup phase? A creamy tomato soup is still favorite here, as well as white asparagus soup. But what's wrong with chicken stock, packed with finely chopped veggies? Or mushroom soup, Thai chicken soup or apple curry soup? There are so many soups and recipes to try out. It's a good way to have your daily vegetable intake and it's low calorie/low carb. So what keeps you from making your own soup? I try to start from fresh chicken or vegetable stock. Okay, it may be time-consuming to make your own stock, but it's so much better than the store bought stock cubes. And at least you have control over the ingredients.

Sometimes I put a couple of marrow pipes in my stock. Yes, both whippets sit beside the Range Cooker, to wait for their goodies. The marrow gives a really nice taste to the stock. That's the stock I keep to make my creamy tomato soup. I use the blender to make it velvety. That's one of the only soups my children will eat. No lumps or chunks, just creamy and velvety.

Soups can be very filling, especially if you make it a mealtime soup, with potatoes or pasta in it. I'm always looking for new recipes. The best ones I keep in my own cook book. And that book is getting thicker by the day. Have a bowl!

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