Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You make me wanna cry

My sweet little girl.. Last night, while I was out with the girls, Hubby called me. Something terrible had happened.. You and Rebba were playing outside, like you do all the time. All of a sudden, you came rushing in, followed by Rebba. There was blood all over the place. He thinks you and Rebba got into a fight. You lost a quarter of your ear... I'm completely devastated.. How will we be able to fix that? You must have been hurting so bad, Inthe..

Hubby picked you up and ran to the vet's house immediately. She disinfected the wound and put you on antibiotics. Your heart rate was too fast to put you under narcotics, so she asked Hubby to come back the next morning. There's a chance she will have to amputate another piece of your ear. I'm driving Eva to school now, and then I'll take you to the vet again. Please, please, let her diagnosis be less dramatic. You'll never grow another ear, that's certain, but if you could keep half? My heart is bleeding for you and for Rebba as well. I know she didn't mean to hurt you. Both of you are dominant personalities. You and Rebba are the same size now and you have the same weight. Rebba wants you to listen to her. After all, she's been here longer than you and she's older. But you do not want to be tamed. You dare her quite often and she tries to hold you down. Until things get ugly, like this time. Please keep your fingers crossed for little Inthe. Please..

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