Monday, October 25, 2010

Red boots

Like many women, I love boots! And so do my daughters. We have plenty of boots, some high heels, other rather flat. Whatever color you pick, boots are always exciting and sexy, especially if worn under a pencil skirt. Whenever we go to a shoe store, we can't leave the store without shoes/boots. And now, with the colder season coming up, there are plenty of boots to choose from.

My youngest daughter had been asking for boots for a while. The boots she wanted were so expensive I nearly choked on the price tag. So that was a big no-no. Store after store, she nodded her head in despair. She wanted brandy colored long boots, no high heels, but not totally flat either. I know, she's picky and once she has a picture in her head, it's very hard to make it go away and have it replaced by a different model.

So yes,  I was very happy when she found the boots she really wanted. Not at first, because she wasn't convinced at all. Only part of the boots had the color she had in mind. And that was the upper part. She wanted the colors the other way around: brandy color on the bottom and chestnut on top. But hey: it was either these boots or no boots. So she thought it over and balanced out the options. Chewing on the nail of her thumb, she waved a lock of hair out of her face and mumbled: I guess I like these after all... Good grief.. Finally, after zillions of visits to several shoe stores.

Please, don't remind me that the other daughter needs boots as well. And trust me: she's worse..

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