Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shape up

Going to the gym has never been my cup of tea. Let's be honest: I suck at sports. Any sports. Even horseback riding, although I love horseback riding. It's just so not me. I have tried it, really. I just don't feel comfortable around sports. It doesn't give me the good feeling it's supposed to give you. I would really like it to be the other way around, because I do believe sports is good for you. Not that I know many friends that work out 3 times a week. Maybe because they can't find the time or .. yeah... why don't they? I'd really like to know!

Men tend to be better at sports. They frequent the gym more often. They run and play tennis or soccer or ride their bikes. They just do it. Just like the NIKE commercial: Just do it. Right? Maybe us women should have a little bit more of that attitude. It could help us shape up our bodies. If only sports could be fun.. If only I could find a reason why. If only.. it's just not going to happen. Sorry!

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