Tuesday, December 7, 2010

C'est vachement bien!

Photo by Lana Joos
It's great to see you and your sister get along so well. The two of you went out in the cold to take pictures of each other and the surroundings. You went pretty far, so I heard. I'm glad you share the same interest: photography. It is a great hobby and you have a wonderful time when you take pictures.

One of the subjects you really like to take pictures of, is your sister Eva. She likes to pose and you like to photograph her. You have a very good eye, I must say.

So many people tell you to never give up on making pictures. You could even make a living out of it. Why don't you present yourself as a photographer for friends and family? Maybe you should ask around? You make extraordinary pictures of still lives, animals, people. Black and white is your favorite, but you're good with colors too. Think about it. I know I would pay you to make a photo shoot!

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