Saturday, December 25, 2010

The day after

Last night, we had a great time. Everybody was there and they were all in a good mood. The children all got along well. Just look at how tall have they grown.. We were digging into our memory to bring up some good stories about their childhood. It made us realize how fast things go and how quickly they have grown up to become young adults. It won't be too long before they bring their boyfriends and girlfriends on Christmas Eve. And they will all be welcomed into our family.

The sun was out today. The combination of both the sun and the icy temperatures was interesting to say the least. The dogs were longing for a good walk in the park. They didn't join us on Christmas Eve. Too dangerous with all that food around and too little space on the couch for the kids with two whippets in the house. But they behaved well and they were cuddled when we came home in the middle of the night.
The year is passing by and 2011 is getting closer. We have no idea what the new year will bring us, but we will surely start 2011 in the best manner possible: with a well deserved vacation abroad..

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