Friday, December 10, 2010

Eat with joy in your heart

If you have a heart for animals, you will definitely understand why - this Sunday - I'm going to sell home made dog biscuits in favor of Whippet Rescue Ireland. Let me explain..

This Sunday, my sister-in-law and I are going to attend Whippet Day for puppies and veterans, in the western part of Flanders. The owners of the kennel we got our whippets from, have asked us if we would be willing to let them show Inthe. She has just turned one and they feel she's ready to attend her first show. I'm so curious to see how she will do. She's still very playful and energetic. But I have complete faith in Sandra and Lucien from the Fiefoerniek's kennel in Holland. They'll know how to deal with her. I'll bring my camera!

In the meantime, I'll be selling home made dog biscuits, chocolate fudge, granola and chocolate spread (not for the dogs, please!). All week, I have been trying out several recipes and the whippets were the judges. They would sit right by the oven window, peeking at whatever was baking in there. I could tell by their faces they would love the cookies! They were allowed to taste every different kind and I must say: Inthe is not picky at all, but Rebba is more specific about her food. And even Rebba approved of the dog biscuits! After all, I use nothing but fresh and good ingredients. Even humans could eat them, although they smell like dog biscuits..

As I said before: I'll sell the goodies in favor of Whippet Rescue Ireland. I've previously blogged about this non-profit organization and I'm sure they could use some extra money. So the profit of the bake sale is going to be deposited into their account integrally. I'm nervous and I need to chill a little. Let's hope we'll do well! Let your dogs eat my cookies with joy in their heart.. They have a safe and warm nest to come home to. That's exactly what Whippet Rescue Ireland is trying to achieve for their whippets..

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