Friday, December 17, 2010

Family dinner

Friday evening is the first evening in the week when we have the chance to eat dinner together as a family. That is if Hubby is not working the late shift. Since Eva is in boarding school during the week, there's always one person missing at the dining table. That's why we really put an effort in getting everyone together on weekends. I truly enjoy the time together around diner or lunch. It's the perfect time to talk things over. The children talk about what happened in the last week, jokes are being told and we enjoy memories of previous adventures.
Weekends give me the opportunity to add that little extra zing to the meals we have together. I make sure everyone is pleased with the meals they are being served. I know what everybody likes to eat and seeing the kids enjoy their food is a true joy.
I'm so happy the girls are still at an age they enjoy being home and have our meals together. They appreciate that quality time as much as we do. I hate to eat all by myself and I always look forward to having people around the table.
So let's think about our next Friday meal!

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