Sunday, December 5, 2010

Showcase your talent

It must have been approximately two years ago, when I met this man. A contest in a diabetes related magazine ended positively: I was offered a free blood glucose meter by Terumo. The sales representative contacted me to see when he could come over to my place. He was going to hand me over the meter and explain me how it worked. Ever since, we get along well and every now and then we get in touch. He's been a good sales rep for many years and his company was real happy with him.

Over the years, he dedicated more of his spare time to photography, his hobby. I was impressed by his pictures and thought he did a great job. So it didn't surprise me at all, when I heard him say he was going to change careers. He had come at the age of retirement and a challenge was what he was facing. And now it's final: in the beginning of January 2011, he will open his very own gallery, by the name of Galerie Zebra. The focus will be on gelatine silver bariet print. I'm curious about his gallery. I have seen the building before and it's a great location. There's no doubt he will attract fine and young photographers to display their art.

Frederiko, I wish you all the best. You'll do great and you made the right move. Looking forward to seeing you.

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