Friday, January 14, 2011

Crocodile tears

Florida is the state of the gators. We haven't seen any yet - stuffed ones not included - but we know they are out there. There are signs to warn us. There are puddles, ponds, lakes all over the place and they sure look like they have alligators in them. Crocodiles are not my favorite animals, but they are kinda cool, as long as they remain on their property.

Our vacation is coming to an end. I'm having mixed feelings about that. Kissimmee has been everything we expected and more. It's been a wonderful experience and we have seen so much.
The weather has been good and the locals were friendly. They treated us real well and we have no complaints whatsoever. It is a shame though that my family couldn't be here to enjoy the Florida sun and surroundings. I wanted to share it with them, but it wasn't possible this time. They'll get here, no doubt about that. And in the mean time, I'll tell them all about it and I'll show them the pictures. There are lots of presents in my suitcase for them to pick out. We'll have some special cuddle time I guess..

I might shed some tears. It's been good. It's been fun. I have some more memories to file in my archives. Some good moments to remember..

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