Saturday, February 19, 2011

Intimate stories

Three ladies on a couch, holding their glasses of wine and sipping in between conversations. Intimate stories are being told and olives are gobbled up, leaving oil and herbs on their fingers. The clattering of their laughter, the softness of their words, the warm feeling of their friendship. Tears may be rolling down their cheeks and breaths may be held for seconds, listening to lifetime experiences..

The age doesn't matter. They all have their own stories to tell, their own experiences in life. One happened to have suffered from a major life threatening operation: she survived.. It has made her a different person. A person we get to know better little by little. A person worthwhile. Nourished and loved by the beloved ones in her life.
A white pigeon keeps her safe when she's going through rough times. She's being looked after and that is comforting.

She welcomed the other two into her house, making them feel at home. She has been in the life of one of the others for 17 years. She's grown to become a woman and a dedicated mother. She's doing well in life, despite some down episodes on her way. She's a fighter and a struggler but still she can hold her back straight. The care over her son softens her personality. He and she are a good team.

The third lady in the house is the oldest one. Nearly forty, but feeling a whole lot younger. Her children are a bit older and so are the issues. She's enjoying the company of the other two, soaking up their feelings and emotions and wiping away a tear in the corner of her eye. Grateful for this friendship and bond. Grateful for life. Grateful for being..

photo by Lana Joos

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