Friday, February 11, 2011

A knight in shining armor

We talked quite a bit on the Internet, before we finally met. Yesterday, I came to Antwerp to visit you in the hospital. After being diagnosed diabetic type 1 a year and a half ago, you decided you wanted to swap your syringes for an insulin pump. They promised you 4 days in the hospital, to get used to the pump.
My astonishment was huge! Your knowledge on the pump is immense. You must have read that manual back and forth and inside out, I assume? It didn't look like you had not been pumping beforehand. It looked pretty professional to me!

You're a very sweet young man. I would say: the perfect son(-in-law). Seriously! So honest, open minded, friendly and considerate. Your parents raised you well JW. They couldn't have done better. They must be very proud of you. I know I would!

It was worth the ride to come visit you. I have met a wonderful knight in shining armor. I hope to get the chance to get to know you better. You have a fresh attitude and you are very charming. Kill those D-numbers, JW. Be proud of your pump and be proud of you. Your sweetie is a lucky person!

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