Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I'm passionate about cooking. The kitchen is my domain and I spend a lot of time trying out new recipes. Reading is another passion of mine, but lately I have read more cook books than other stories. People ask me: how much time do you spend in the kitchen? after they read my menus. To be truthful: not that much.. It's mostly about planning and mise-en-place and having the right ingredients in your fridge and pantry. The actual cooking is not that intense. I love to stir-fry and that comes in real handy. It's fast, healthy and you end up eating loads of vegetables you would not eat otherwise.

Since I skip bread, I have to replace those meals by something else. That's when I choose to have leafy greens or a plate of veggies. How can you ever run out of ideas? There are so many vegetables to taste and prepare. I never get bored, reading recipes and running errands. World cuisine is more than exciting and you get to taste new flavors. Why not? I'm not the boiled potato-sausage-applesauce kind of person. I like excitement and that's what I want on my plate as well. Dishes that burst with flavor. A plate that is exciting to look at, because we do eat with our eyes, don't we?

When is the last time you had bean sprouts, pea pods, romain lettuce, salsifies or horseradish? Do you always pick peas and carrots out of a tin or a plain tomato? Vegetables are so much more. Surprise yourself. Treat your body well and give it the vitamins it deserves. You will benefit from it..

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