Saturday, June 11, 2011


It really startles me how most dietitians still haven't got an update on diabetes treatment. The numerous times I hear that diabetics can't have more than 3 meals a day, are not allowed to eat tropical fruit or can't have sugar... It is sad, really. It's like they enjoy restricting our meal plans..  Bananas for example. Never ever eat a banana if you're a diabetic! It will skyrocket your blood glucose, as will grapes, mango, passion fruit or pineapple. Hello???? Get a life! We are allowed to have any kind of fruit. We can have snacks in between meals, just like non-diabetics. And yes.. we can have sugar! Not only if we are going through a hypoglycemic episode, but just because it tastes a whole lot better than the sugarless copy.

A dietitian announced a cooking class for diabetics. What did you think? Of course I took the classes! Just out of curiosity, because I really wanted to know what the guidelines would be. It was really sad, to hear that things still had not changed. The teacher was not a fan of counting carbohydrates but she was thrilled to let us know how lethal mangoes were to diabetics. Shoot... I told her I planned on eating a mango salad the following day. Maybe it was a good idea to eat it in front of my diabetes nurse, in the hospital? Just in case I might collapse and die? Come on, get real. I know perfectly well how to cover those sugars. Medication is no longer what it used to be and diabetics are not stupid. We know how to deal with our life and we know sugar is not the forbidden fruit. It's all about carbohydrates and learning how to adapt your meds to the foods you eat.

I feel like having some fresh pineapple now. Topped with banana and mango. Although I'm not an ice cream lover, I might even consider to have a scoop of home made vanilla ice cream to go with that. And I won't forget the colorful sprinkles! You bet, I'll enjoy that dessert and my blood glucose will not go way out of line. If you feel like it, come join me. That is if you don't fear this massacre...

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