Monday, June 6, 2011

The search for ingredients

Strolling around different food stores and specialty shops always brings me joy. The other week I overheard my friend say: there's nothing you don't already have in your kitchen! But you know, there's always this one cookie cutter I fancy or a spicy rub that would go well with the chicken breasts in the fridge. A new whisk, a funny egg separator or some foreign product I haven't tasted yet. It's a way of discovering new things and broaden my culinary horizon. I get all excited in those shops and the way home always seems too long. I can hardly wait to unpack my groceries and sort it all out in the cabinets. There's this special foreign cuisine shelf where I like to keep my Asian, Moroccan, Italian and Indian ingredients. Man, I can't wait to discover another specialty shop.
I would love to go to London and do nothing else than explore those little food stores. Preferably by myself, so I don't feel rushed and I don't keep up the others. Because there's no fun for people who don't share that same passion. It excites and relaxes me at the same time. Life's good!


Stijn said...

zimme weg? :p

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