Friday, July 15, 2011

Bye bye for a little while

We're all a little nervous this morning. Last night, you packed the last items since today, you're leaving for summer camp. You haven't slept much. Too much excitement, I guess? You will meet up with your friends in Bruges around noon, where all of you will take the bus to Durbuy. Last year, you went to that same summer camp and you loved it! This year will be different. It will also be the moment where you and your schoolfriends will enjoy each other's company for the last time. Most kids have chosen different schools for September. It will be a special week for all of you.

I'm glad I have the chance to bring you to the meeting point. It would be a whole lot more difficult if I would be working. We'll go out for lunch first, before I drop you off at the bus stop. Your bags weigh like you put rocks in them! Sweetheart, come on, 7 pairs of shoes??? You're such a girly girl..

Don't forget to brush your teeth! I'm sure you'll have more candy than you can handle, but that's part of the fun. You picked out your favorite treats at the store and you're looking forward to sharing them with your friends.

The weather is less exciting.. You were really unhappy, since you planned on wearing shorts and skirts and little dresses. Instead, you had to bring sweaters and pants and socks. I'm sure there will be rain cheque activities planned. They won't let you do death rides in the pouring rain. I hope..

Have fun!!! We'll miss you!!! xxx

La Petite Merveille
t.a.v. Eva JOOS
Rue comte Th. D'Ursel 51
Photo by Lana Joos

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