Saturday, July 9, 2011

Morning breath

I'm so sorry sweetheart, but you have a terrible morning breath.. And not only in the morning unfortunately. I don't know how to solve this. Do you have stomach problems or maybe a bad tooth? We'll have the doctor take a look at it. You reach over to give me a kiss and it really repulses me. I don't want to pull back, but it makes my stomach twirl. Maybe you should change your diet? It's not that you are a big fan of garlic or smelly cheese or anything. Okay, you don't brush your teeth, I know. That would help a lot, but I've never brushed someone else's teeth. It's kinda weird to do so.
You eat well and I don't hear you groan so I guess it's not a bad tooth after all. It surely doesn't bother you (maybe because you can't smell it!).. I still love you Rebba, even with morning breath.

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