Monday, July 4, 2011

There's nothing you can't be

My little girl is growing up so fast.. Sometimes I still see her as the little girl she once was, but then again, I have to let go of that phantasy and come back to Earth, to see the beautiful young woman she has become.

You have changed so much in the last two years. Being in boarding school, we didn't see that much of each other as I wanted to. I'm sure we missed out on a lot of your activities and we didn't always know what kept you going.

You showed me one of your blogs you're keeping. I was truly stunned.. Wow girlie! You are truly amazing! Congratulations! There's nothing you can't be! I had a great time reading your blog and I will be a follower from now on. I'm proud of you! You are very versatile and your talents are worth mentioning: drawing, designing clothes, making great pictures, being a fashionista and a good friend..
I'm so happy to read you and the fact that you let me in to your blog world, means a lot to me. Keep it up sweetie. You're doing a great job! xxx

Photo by Eva Joos


Stijn said...

ge moogt er zeker en vast fier op zijn!

Upje said...

Absoluut! 't Is een keihippe en toffe blog :-).