Saturday, August 6, 2011

Killing calves

My husband claims my killing calves drew his attention when he first met me. He thought I was a sports fanatic and that maybe I loved to go biking. Because that's what my calves told him..

That is so funny, since I'm not sporty at all. Maybe my calves are a result of walking on high heels for over 20 years? I don't know. I surely don't do anything - except for shaving them silky smooth and treating them with body lotion - to make them look appealing. Although my legs are a bit short (I'm not tall either), I do like my legs so yes, you will often see me wear dresses or skirts. The time hasn't been that good this year, so my legs still need to get a tan, but I'm sure the Florida sun will solve that issue.

Sorry hun, you'll have to ride that bike all by yourself. Or invite our sister-in-law, she's looking for a partner to ride bikes together!

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