Tuesday, August 9, 2011

She wants her daddy

I know she's a D.O.G. but nevertheless, we are her mommy and daddy. She doesn't know any better. Inthe is a real drama queen when she misses her daddy. She then sits on the couch, her head all stretched out towards the window. Every now and then, I can hear her sigh. Her eyes are all droopy and she's looking depressed. I then ask her: do you want your daddy to come home? She holds her head to one side and points her ears. Like to make sure she heard me alright. So I ask her again and Inthe holds her head to the other side. That's the signal I have to look out for. Because that's the moment she will race towards me, lick me in the face and put her paws on my shoulders to give me a hug. She really misses him when he's at work. She looks forward to his home coming. And then: joy oh joy. Her memory is so short, she must actually believe he was gone for at least a week. She's a bit silly, you know. But I must admit: it's cute.

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