Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer has finally come

For the first time this year, we have no use bringing jackets and sweaters when we go out. We slip into skirts and tank tops and sandals can show off our brightly colored toe nails. We have already emptied one bottle of sunscreen in not even one week time. Wow. Although it's a little too hot, we're not complaining. There's air conditioning in all shops - and in the Jeep, don't forget - so we try to keep in the shops as much as possible. Maybe that's the trick!!! Maybe the AC is meant to make people come in to the shops and spend some money? We have definitely seen quite some shops.. Winter Garden Village, Mall at Millenia, Florida Mall, Premium Outlet Stores,.. There's one more to go now: The Loop. Hubby is coping real well, surrounded by his crazy women. I just had this weird idea today: what if he would have had 2 sons instead of 2 girls? Would we have done different things then? Adventure parks or go-karting instead of shopping? Would we have watched something different than cheesy romantic movies at night? Probably. But he said he doesn't mind. He likes his girls..

I'm getting used to driving this Jeep. It's an automat, like most cars over here. It's a joy to drive it and I love driving over here. The streets are avenues! I like the rule that cars may take a right even when the light is a red no-go. It makes traffic a whole lot easier going.

The apartment is air-conditioned too. It feels so good to be here. Although we do miss our pets, we would have no problem staying here for another week. We do have one week to go, but we were already talking about coming back for an even longer vacation. That's how fun it is.. No stress, no rush, just fun, relaxation and family time..

all pictures are taken by Lana Joos


stagnbob said...

WOW!! It all sounds so wonderful! The relaxed nature of it all... and of course the shopping! Soak it all up hun!!

Bittersweet said...

We're so happy to be here, Bob! It would not be a sacrifice to move over here...